One Wave

Access all your services
with one card

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Only one card left

One Wave truly allows you to leave your cards home. You just need this single one.

Connected to your phone

Add your different cards through the One Wave app. Once the services are configured, One Wave can be used apart from your smartphone.

Enhanced security

One Wave is protected by a fingerprint sensor that makes it blank until you have unlocked it. The data registered on it are encrypted in a certified secure element.

Compatible everywhere

Select the service to activate on One Wave's ultra-thin touchscreen to use it. It is compatible everywhere your regular cards are (ATM, contactless, abroad,…).

A concentrate of innovations

EMV and NFC chip
compatible worldwide
Rechargeable batteryBluetooth Low EnergyFlexible e-paper
Fingerprint sensor
  1. EMV and NFC chip
    compatible worldwide
  2. Rechargeable battery
  3. Bluetooth Low Energy
  4. Flexible e-paper
  5. Fingerprint sensor

New features

Frequent questions

  • How do I add my payment cards?

    Like with other renowned payment platforms, you directly add your bank account on the One Wave app. Upon this request, we check your ownership through small transactions with unique references that you must confirm. That’s it! We then generate through a secure channel a new payment card linked to your account onto your One Wave. Once it’s done, you can pay with this account by selecting the newly generated card on your One Wave’s touchscreen and use it like your regular card.

  • Is One Wave really secure?

    The first defense of One Wave is its fingerprint sensor that authenticates you with a high grade of reliability. You can also set, card by card, PIN code and limits for your most sensitive cards. Furthermore, all your personal data are encrypted thanks to the embedded high grade security chip.

  • How do I charge the One Wave card?

    One Wave charges on-the-go at each use, wherever it can find energy, from an ATM or a terminal. And if it's not enough, it is delivered with a wireless charging station.

  • Is the One Wave compatible with all banks?

    Yes! Since One Wave directly adds your bank account, it is compatible with any banks.

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