Frequent questions

  • Who can use OneWave?

    OneWave is for everyone who wants an easy daily routine and accesses his services without having to keep all the related cards in their wallet! Simple to use, it’s handy to everyone. OneWave will be available in France for now and shortly in other countries.

  • How does OneWave work?

    OneWave has the same dimensions as a regular smartcard although it has a really thin touchscreen and a fingerprint sensor on it. To configure it, just add your different services (payment, public transport, loyalty cards) through the OneWave App. It then transfers all the information on the OneWave using a secure Bluetooth connection and your card is ready to use. Unlock it with your fingerprint and select the services you want to activate. Then it’s just like any regular card, use it anywhere you need it.

  • Why shouldn’t I just use a smartphone digital wallet?

    OneWave is compatible everywhere. You can use it in an ATM and any regular shop. The smartphone wallet only works with NFC (contactless technology) and doesn’t allow you to truly leave your cards home.
    OneWave is built to be a secure and controlled environment while the smartphone draws its strength from its connectivity and openness to multiple apps. They are two different devices but complementary in their use. Last but not least, your OneWave won’t let you down if it runs out of battery (See the question question : What happens if my One Wave runs out of battery?).

  • How do I add my payment cards?

    Like with other renowned payment platforms, you directly add your bank account on the OneWave app. Upon this request, we check your ownership through small transactions with unique references that you must confirm. That’s it! We then generate through a secure channel a new payment card linked to your account onto your OneWave. Once it’s done, you can pay with this account by selecting the newly generated card on your OneWave’s touchscreen and use it like your regular card.

  • Is the OneWave compatible with all banks?

    Yes! Since OneWave directly adds your bank account, it is compatible with any banks.

  • Can I use it for internet purchase?

    Of course! OneWave even allows you to generate virtual payment cards that have limited lifespans and amounts that you can set yourself to secure your internet purchases.

  • How do I add public transport tickets?

    To add or buy new transport titles, you need to select the city you need tickets for and follow the app’s instructions like a regular ticket machine. The number of compliant city will of course grow with time. We are already working with cities and transport companies so that this number keeps growing until OneWave launches.

  • How do I add loyalty cards?

    For your bar-codes or QR codes cards, it’s really easy: you just have to take a picture of the graphic codes and enter the different information needed by the OneWave. Through time you will be able to directly subscribe to partners’ loyalty programs through the OneWave app.

  • Is OneWave really secure?

    The first defense of OneWave is its fingerprint sensor that authenticates you with a high grade of reliability. You can also set, card by card, PIN code and limits for your most sensitive cards. Furthermore, all your personal data are encrypted thanks to the embedded high grade security chip.

  • If it is lost or stolen, do I lose all my cards?

    In case of loss or theft, your data are encrypted with certified standards of cryptography. The OneWave is also locked and blank when you don’t use it, so that nobody but you can access your sensitive data or services. We can’t prevent all losses or thefts but it didn’t keep us from trying! If you leave your OneWave behind at the ATM or on a restaurant table, your phone will send you a loss notification as soon as your OneWave is out of reach. And if this wasn’t enough you will be able with a new OneWave to restore a backup of all the previously stored cards, thanks to the OneWave app.

  • How do you guarantee the privacy of my personal data?

    Today, our digital identities and our actions generate a lot of personal data that characterizes our behaviors, interests and habits. Some people agree to share some of those data to access services that are personalized to those habits. Others want a complete privacy especially on the sensitive’s services our cards host today.

    OneWave, because of its DNA and founding team, is strongly committed to offer a product that meets these constraints. To reflect this diversity, the OneWave app will allow you to set through a cursor, various levels of privacy, from a “ghost” mode that only generates crucial operational data, to a fully connected and personalized mode that give you access to tips, promotions and other interesting information.

  • Where can I get the OneWave card?

    The OneWave will be available in pre-sales on our website. Later on, it will also be available for sale in partner stores. The release date has not been announced yet.

  • How much does it cost?

    Like a regular payment card, you join the OneWave community through a monthly subscription fee similar in price to a Premium payment card. Be aware, you will soon get rid of your payment cards as the OneWave is directly connected to your bank account and offers similar guarantees. No more extra fee!

  • How do I charge the OneWave card?

    OneWave charges on-the-go at each use, wherever it can find energy, from an ATM or a terminal. And if it's not enough, it is delivered with a wireless charging station.

  • What happens if my OneWave runs out of battery?

    During the first OneWave configuration, you are asked to set a default payment card. When your OneWave runs out of battery, it loads this preferred card information and becomes a regular payment cards (protected by the code that you set). Don’t forget that if you’re battery is low your OneWave can recharge from a nearby ATM.

  • Do I need to carry my smartphone to use the One wave card?

    No! Once you’ve configured it and added your different services through the app, OneWave can be used independently from the smartphone. That being said, some of the handy features proposed by OneWave needs the smartphone nearby. You need it, for example, to receive a smartphone loss alert if your OneWave has been left behind.

  • Can I use OneWave only for transport and loyalty?

    Of course! However, you will be asked to set a payment mean on your OneWave account so we can collect your monthly subscription. Nevertheless, this payment device will not appear on your OneWave.

  • Can I add other services apart from payment, transport and loyalty?

    OneWave has been conceived to allow you a simple and universal access to all the services you might need. For now, we focused on the essential needs of one’s day but the number of different services is intended to grow. Soon we ambition to integrate more institutional or health related section that will make OneWave even more universal!

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